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DiverseABILITY Forum: Supporting Disability Initiatives

“I’m proud to work for a firm that supports all its employees and provides them with the tools and environment they need for success,” says Eli. She points to Booz Allen’s Summer Games internship program as another example of how the firm is leading in providing a supportive environment to persons with disabilities. Eli mentored one of this year’s Summer Games winners, engineering student Seri Nirath, who also happens to be deaf. Seri has an offer from Booz Allen already in hand for when she graduates in December. “She’s supremely talented and we’re lucky to have her join us,” says Eli.

The diverseABILITY forum doesn’t just stop at recognizing the talent of rising college students, the forum is also laying plans for a new program to kick off in 2017 where its member mentor high school students in Virginia, helping them see their own potential and career opportunities ahead—including with Booz Allen. 

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